The Galleria Tonelli

The Galleria d’Arte Tonelli was opened in 1981 by Lodovico Tonelli.
The Gallery shows paintings and drawings by XX century Masters and by some contemporary artists.
Among the most recent exhibitions are to remember Tancredi’s works on paper, Victor Brauner, Jacques Villeglè’s decollages d’affiches, Piero Dorazio’s paintings and works on pape, David Simpson and Stuart Arends, Getulio Alviani, Carla Accardi meets Lucio Fontana. The catalogues of the exhibitions are published in co-operation with the prestigious Libri Scheiwiller publishing house in Milan.

The Galleria Tonelli exhibits at art fairs such as Artefiera – Bologna, MiArt – Milano, Art Cologne and PAM – Monaco.